Mass Torts

Mass Torts

What is a “mass tort”?

tort is a civil (as opposed to a criminal) wrong committed by one person that results in injury to another person. (A corporation is considered a legal “person.”) The person who commits the tort is legally responsible (or, liable) for the harm suffered by the victim. The victim, if he or she sues, becomes a plaintiff. The party sued is the defendant. The plaintiff typically sues the defendant to recover damages (monetary compensation for the plaintiff’s injury).

mass tort is a single tort that results in injury to many victims, and therefore involves numerous plaintiffs suing one defendant (or several defendants) who acted negligently. In most mass tort cases, the various individual plaintiffs must be suing based on harms cased by a single common product. Two of the most frequent mass tort claims are:

  • Consumer product claims: Many plaintiffs might sue together seeking compensation for injuries (or even deaths) caused by dangerous products; and
  • Pharmaceutical claims: Unfortunately, even medical products such as drugs—both prescribed by a doctor and over-the-counter—intended to help you can be dangerous or deadly.

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