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Legal Office Assistant at your service!

Save money, time and increase business


You can eliminate salary, overhead expenses, benefits, sick leave and paid vacation.

Compliment all your current legal marketing efforts.

    • •  Our Agents are experienced to convert an inquiry into a scheduled consultation with your law firm.
    • •  We will speak with the potential client and complete an intake for your review
    • •  Our Agents understanding what is needed to assist in having all documentations returned to your office.
    • •  Sophisticated Reporting allows you to know which marketing source is converting, why they don’t meet qualifications, and which inquiries are unreachable. All for each of your marketing sources.
    • •  Only speaking with those responses which meet practice area qualifications.
    • •  No more chasing down leads let us spend the time calling, processing, qualifying, and chasing down packages for your firm.
    • •  Promote your Firm: Our Team is trained to put your potential client at ease on each call. We can point out the qualifications and expertise of your law firm.

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