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GP Lead Processing System

  • Saves Time and Money
  • Ability to Track Marketing Efforts with 100% Accuracy
  • Very high contact Rate = High conversions
  • Once Qualified they are delivered to your office

GP has developed a proprietary database, and customized lead management system that allows us to market, deliver, qualify, and track all marketing leads for your firm.

One of our highly qualified virtual office intake agents will make sure the lead meets all practice area qualifications, transfer the live call to your office, and post to your proprietary data base.

Real Time: Each inquiry generated for you law firm is contacted within seconds.

We can process leads for your law firm from any of your marketing sources in this same manner.

Tracking capabilities will quickly allow you to know which marketing sources are providing qualified leads and which ones are not.

All GP leads are put through the same process. We can ask as many questions during the intake as needed.

Confidentiality and Exclusivity:

Every lead you generate is the property of your law firm.


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